Archangel Micro DR1 Limited Edition Ready to Fly 2″


Archangel Micro DR1 “Ready To Fly” quadcopter comes with a radio controller, battery, and charger! These Archangel Micro DR1 special quadcopters were created to commemorate The 2018 DHL Champions Series presented by DR1 Racing! Archangel FPV’s smallest model brings the excitement both INDOORS and OUTDOORS! This powerful little unit comes with prop guards installed which bring additional safety when flown indoors yet has the power and performance for thrilling outdoor flight. As you develop your technique you can tune your quadcopter to match your skill level giving you the opportunity to be a true contender! (Age 14+) (Fully assembled)

Your 2” Archangel Micro DR1 includes the following:

  • 1 – Archangel 2″ Quadcopter
  • 1 – Side Mount VTX
  • 4 – 1107 – 7500kv Motors
  • 8 – 3-blade propellers (2040-Gemfan Hulkie) 4 CW,4 CCW
  • 1 – Archangel 650 maH 2s (7.4v)
  • 1 – Battery Strap (Installed)
  • 1 – LiPo Battery Balance Charger
  • 1 – VAS Minion Antenna
  • 1 – Spare Hardware set
  • 1 – OSD Control board and Tool Set
  • 1 – Radio Controller (Fatshark)

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The Archangel drone lineup offers a family of drones that fill the entire spectrum for racing. The Archangel’s sleek design features; Custom built COB LED lighting which leaves no question about where you are on the track. The Archangel is built in the USA and designed to perform as an all-around contender for racing or freestyle flying.

The purpose of its teardrop design is to balance the aircraft in flight while also providing durability and functionality of a quick access canopy. The underside battery and future HD Camera mount options provide a stable and balanced center of gravity (COG) at nearly all flight angles. The engineering of the Archangel adds more strength to what is already the highest quality Carbon Fiber available. In addition to high- grade carbon fiber, the Archangel is also built with thermoplastic polyurethane and steel hardware for strength and durability,

The branded side panels of each Archangel drone provide protection to the electronics under the hood and functionality in mounting the Archangel’s custom “Halo” LEDs. The High Impact TPU Hood provides added protection to the internal components while improving durability.

The Archangel lineup comes in several options to choose from for racers of any skill level. They each vary in size, weight and the power offered by their design specifics. The average flight time for the 2” RTF Archangel is estimated at two to three minutes and an estimated range of 300 feet.* This model weighs around 165 grams with the included battery.**

Each Archangel in the lineup is powered by the latest in the following innovative FPV components:

  • 40 amp High Power 4 in 1 Electronic Speed Controller
  • STM32F405RGT6 (F4) Flight Controller dual 8k CPU
  • Adjustable Camera Angle for multiple skill levels
  • WDR/Low Light Micro CCD FPV Camera with Sony Super Had II sensor
  • Easy use, push button 5.8g Video Transmitter and Pagoda Antenna for penetrating dense RF
  • High KV, Large Stator Motors providing a dynamic range of efficiency, speed, and power.

The Archangel’s flight dynamics are balanced for all skill levels and offer a solid platform to grow into higher skilled experiences. The Archangel is ready to fly within a few minutes. The Archangel is as capable as the pilot operating the drone. The following flight modes are available on the remote controller for the 2” Archangel for varying pilot skill levels:

  • Angle Mode (Beginner Mode)
    • In this mode, the accelerometer is activated. This enables the quadcopter to self-level. If the pilot does not enter an input, the quadcopter will remain level.
  • Horizon Mode (Intermediate Mode)
    • When you move your sticks on the transmitter near the center, self-leveling will be engaged once the sticks move to the limit. Manual mode will engage allowing flips and rolls to be performed.
  • Acro Mode (Expert Mode)
    • This full manual flying mode offers full control for expert level pilots.

The Archangel can be upgraded with open source flight code and be used with the following firmware:

  • BetaFlight (Installed)
  • CleanFlight
  • Butterflight
  • and More

Visit our knowledge base at for more articles on setup, operation, and warnings.

*Please note that a bad battery can reduce flight times. The range can be affected by your flight style and environmental factors such as any WiFi or radio frequency transmitting in the area. Be sure to check FCC regulations and the manual for range limitations as well. Video range and loss of signal can also be affected by damage to the antenna, drone or hardware.

**Weights may vary slightly

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